Patients Outside the Portland Area

The Frida Center is no longer offering treatment to patients who live outside the Portland, Oregon area. Treating fibromyalgia requires regular, in-person visits with a provider that are not feasible from long-distances. However, there are just not enough medical providers trained to offer effective treatment for fibromyalgia. So Dr. Ginevra Liptan is shifting the focus of her efforts to training providers throughout the country so she can help more and more people with fibromyalgia to feel better. 

And you can help. In her book, The Fibromanual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor, Dr. Liptan has included a clear and concise provider’s guide to treating fibromyalgia. We encourage you to share this guide with your local providers. She is also developing training courses for other providers and online classes for patients.

If you have not had any success in finding a provider willing to work with you on implementing Dr. Liptan’s Four R’s treatment approach, we suggest looking in your area for a doctor or naturopath trained in functional medicine. This integrative approach seeks to find the best treatments from Western and alternative medicine, and generally these providers are better equipped to implement the approach outlined in The FibroManual. You can search for functional medicine providers here.

And stay tuned to our FaceBook page or Twitter feed, as we are working on new and innovative ways to engage with fibromyalgia patients in the future. Thank you for your support.